Monday, March 9, 2009

Oil study #53

This one turned out ok. It's a bit dark overall. I was not crazy about the thumbnail, so I should have made changes right there. I had trouble from the start with my values. It's always worse for me to see the values for complement colors. Don't know why that is. Anyone? I had a plexiglass on the surface for additional reflections and I couldn't make them work so I remove them at the last minute.


Jo Castillo said...

Johanne, sorry I haven't been around. Sue here painting and workshop. But no excuse, really. This is looking pretty good. I like the cut part and your colors. Nice job.

You can always just add a little light right around your object. Both behind it and on the table. Helen Van Wyk darkens red by putting in alizaron crimson and a touch of green, not enough to make mud, but after you put in the crimson, then the green. It looks very rich that way. You may have done that, of course and I can't see it on the monitor. :)

BJ said...

I like the stem and the cut edge of this, especially the color of the edge. The red is also a very nice red.

Johanne Morin said...

Jo, I'm glad you're back :-)

Thanks for the tip about the light.

I use Carmine (instead of alizarin crimson) mixed with veridian for the deeper red.