Monday, March 16, 2009

Oil study #59: Red Onion and Bok Choy

Ken brought me some vegetables from the grocery specifically for painting. Yes I know I'm lucky: Ken does the groceries :-0

I like it but I find it plain again. It doesn't look enough like a painting.

I like the shadow color. It's lighter than I often do and it makes it more subtle.

oil on canvas panel, 6 x 8


r garriott said...

Nicley done! The onion skin is so crisp. The light shadows work very well.

Bob Barker said...

But, plain is good, isn't it? The leek and onion stand out, which, I would think, are the subjects of the painting. The shadows, in their subtlety, are interesting. Anyway, I like it a lot, Johanne.

Jo Castillo said...

You have a great touch, clean, bright color. Nice work.