Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oil study#1

It was a no show today. I felt rusty after two days not painting. So I decided to show you my first ever oil painting. The subject is our sweet dog, Maple.

I painted this one at the end of 2007 as an assignment in a color mixing class. There is no way to learn about mixing color with pastel. So that's how I started with oil. I used burnt sienna and turpentine to do an under painting. I avoided touching what I wanted to leave white, I diluted the paint more for the lighter color (like the background) and used more paint (less turpentine) for the darker spots.

Since it was my first oil painting I wasn't sure how to proceed after that. I tried few things and I decided to leave it alone.

oil on stretched canvas, 8 x10

1 comment:

Jo Castillo said...

I'll say it again, you have a nice touch and a good eye. Great job on this.