Friday, August 14, 2009

Oil study #118: Slice of Orange

I'm glad you like the bold colors from yesterday's study, because I used a very similar setup today. I liked yesterday's but now I like this one much better. The surface colors make more sense and are nice.

I've been using a limited palette (since the workshop in early July). It consists of a warm and a cool yellow, red and blue, plus burnt umber and white. So it is still a challenge for me to mix the colors. I end up wasting quite a bit of paint trying different mixes.

Oil on canvas panel, 6" x 8"


Bob Barker said...

I Like this one a lot. The yellow in the slice is wonderful.

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful colors, complements and reflections. Limited palettes seem to bring out the best!

ginnyntex said...

Wonderful colors, Johanne. It's amazing you can achieve so much with such a limited palette.