Sunday, January 17, 2010

Entries to the Austin Pastel Society Juried Exhibiton 2010

These are the three paintings I submitted to the Austin Pastel Society Annual Juried Member Exhibition. See all the entries here or on Flickr. One still life and two landscapes (a water scape and a cityscape). I hope they are different enough to all be selected in the exhibition.

Will I have a painting juried in the show? If so what would be your pick(s)?

Chip off the Old Block, 8 x 10"
Gone Ashore, 14 x 11"
Adobe Building, 14 x 11"


Bob Barker said...

While Betty Jo and I like all three of your entries, we seem to like the adobe building best. We also went to the slide show to see your competition. What a marvellous artistic community you have. It will be quite a competition!

BJ said...

I agree with Bob; I think I like the building best, but then I look at the other two and think, no maybe the boat is better, although it is hard to not like the oranges best...hmmm...Can all three be chosen?

Louise and David said...

Thank you for giving us the link to the slide show of entries to the upcoming exhibition. Wow, what a wonderful collection of art! Your boat on the canal is my personal first choice.

BJ said...

I like your new photo. I liked the last one, too.They are both nice, but are really quite different.

Jeannette Cuevas said...

Johanne, I just LOVE your orange slices! The colors are gorgeous, I love the purples and oranges, dynamic!