Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil study #144 - plein air

This must be my best light vs shade representation in a plein air so far. I need to keep working in that direction.

I went back to Lost Creek neighborhood with two classmates: Nancy and Laura to practice what Laurel showed us last week (the full color simple shapes block-in by Kevin MacPherson). Although my background is too dark, I was happy with the process. The background is a tall limestone wall with trees on top. It has very dark and light parts but it was all in the shade. If it was lighter, it would make it recede more and not distract as much from the path.

Oil on canvas, 6 x 8"


Mitzi Easley said...

great job Johanne!

BJ said...

Better and better!

Johanne Morin said...


And I want more of that ("Better and better!") BJ :)