Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red or Blue primer surface

A few weeks ago I was planning on painting a landscape with pastel. I couldn't decide between using a red or a blue surface. So I did two small versions using each surface. The next day I got sidetracked and never did the larger one. Any preferences?

Pastel painting on (red) primed mat-board, 3 x 4"

Pastel painting on (blue) primed mat-board, 3 x 4"


Bob Barker said...

I like the red base.

Virginia Floyd said...

I usually love red, Johanne, but I think the blue really enhances the sky and clouds. A little hard to tell, though, with such small pictures.

BJ said...

I like the red base because of the reflections in the water. said...

I have to say I love the top one Johanne, the tones are crisper (for me) and that peep of red is delicious. I like them both actually, but that one is my favorite. Love seeing your thoughts as you post, good job!