Monday, April 11, 2011

QR-code on the back of my business cards & display case

In order to facilitate finding information and contacting me about my artwork I started experimenting with QR code. So on my last batch of business cards I printed my phone number, website, blog and Facebook on the back with their corresponding QR code.

A QR (short for Quick Responsecode is a square barcode readable by camera phone. The information encoded can be a phone number, email, URl, etc... I use the generator at:

So if you have a camera phone (like an Android) and a "barcode scanner" application you should be able to read each of the following QR-code (even on the screen) and that would lead you to my phone number, website, blog and Facebook (without typing anything).

The back of my business card.
I also used the QR codes on the display case of my small paintings at the YMCA (previous post).

QR Code on the YMCA display case

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