Monday, July 25, 2011

The last three paintings framed

Here are the last three paintings framed. The second painting had too strong a red and was competing with the copper inset (cf. the first and third picture frames). It worked better with the gold inset. These paintings are growing on me, specially the first one!

City Awakening, Oil, 8 x 10"

Destination Unknown, Oil, 8 x 10"

The Quiet Beyond, Oil, 8 x 10"


Virginia Floyd said...

These look great framed, Johanne! Beautiful work with the knife.

Johanne Morin said...

Thanks Virginia, I appreciate you comments.

BJ said...

They are beautifully framed and I like all of them, but the City Awakening is my favorite.

Johanne Morin said...

Thanks BJ. That's my favorite too :)