Friday, October 14, 2011

ConcART-IV - follow up & See you later Austin!

It's been a while since my last post,... we are now living in Mahopac, NY. It's quite a change compared to Austin, TX. The landscape is very different of course. It rains and the ground stays wet for days. We were living in North Austin where most of it was developed in the last 15 years or so. Here, it's from the 60's (including the house). We live in the suburb of NYC (1 hour by train), but we are in the country on a one acre lot with a well, a septic and an oil tank! Oh, let's not forget about the wild life: black and gray squirrels, a rabbit and a ground hog living under the shed, a skunk somewhere (I haven't seen it yet :), birds, hawks, deer and a COYOTE (saw on in the backyard one morning :)...

Irene greeted us within a week of our move. We were very lucky with only broken (but dead) branches in the yard and we were out of power for 13 hours. Some very close by neighbors had trees broken and were out of power for 6 days! A few days later we got a LOT of rain... enough to help with the drought in Texas, I'm sure. ... but I had no power over that ... :(

I'd like to "close" the chapter on Austin, TX with a follow up on the Farewell ConcART. We were very happy to see some of our friends, neighbors, and collectors one more time before we left. We had 45 people for the (piano) recital and about 10 more people showed up later. It may have been the smallest crowd we had for a ConcART, but it was a good one! I had a moving sale (only my most recent work was marked at a regular price), but collectors were going for pieces that were "talking" to them and rather than the price tag. Lesson learned. I sold four paintings prior to the show, fifteen during the show and a request for a future commission. So these are 19 paintings that found good homes and that we didn't have to move :). ... that is a record for a ConcART!

Thanks a lot to Debbie and Libby for helping out and making the ConcART-IV a success.

Thanks everyone for coming and buying artwork.

Will miss you Austin, TX!

Ken always says something about the  piece he is about to play.  It  is very effective to keep everyone attentive to the play. You can see the paintings displayed on the walls for the show afterward.

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