Monday, August 18, 2014

5-value study of Ken's corner

Here's Ken's corner. He practices classical music every night... It's too bad my musical side is too weak/underdeveloped to have a full appreciation of his playing.

I thought this would make a successful painting. I tried (twice) to use colors that would match these values, but apparently that is not enough... :-)
5-value study of Ken's corner.


Jo Castillo said...

Ken plays beautifully. Very masterful.

Your value study is beautiful, I wonder about your colors. Interesting. I'm anxious to see how you work it out. :)

BJ said...

What a beautiful study. I look forward to the finished work.

Johanne Morin said...

Thanks Jo & BJ!
I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle. I'll let it sit for a while... and come back later to it with colors...