Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's a start


Welcome to my blog, where I hope to share with you my daily experience making art and hearing suggestions or comments from you.

I'd also like to show that art doesn't come automatically (for most of us). It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and practice.



BJ said...

Bonjour, Johanne,

I'm happy to see that you now have your blog up, and I will watch it daily as you continue your hard work, patience and practice.

Love, BJ

Louise and David said...

Hi Johanne,
I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences as an artist at work. Maybe your words will inspire those of us who too often look on in admiration instead of exploring our own creativity.

Bob Barker said...

I'll have to get up earlier in the morning to get ahead of BJ and Louise but my welcome is just as hearty. I will look forward to hearing about the making of your art - trials and tribulations and also, the joys - all illustrated with your art, of course.
Might we have a photograph of our newest blogger?



Holly said...

Hi cousin Johanne! We are on the same wavelength, setting up blogsites to track and share our artistic progress just a week apart! I'll be following your blog closely! Come check me out at We can cheer each other on!


Johanne Morin said...

Bonjour Holly! (Ken m'a dit que je pouvais t'ecrire en francais...?)

Tu as raison et nous avons chosi le meme "template" pour notre "blog" :-)

Je viens de m'inscrire pour suivre ton blog... je vais suivre tes aventures artistiques avec interets :-)

A bientot