Monday, February 9, 2009

Oil studies #37, 36, & 35

Thanks for the comments.

My main focus with oil painting has been so far:
1. to learn how to mix and apply paint in one sitting.
2. to limit my painting to 3 values (how light or dark a color is). So a light, a medium and a dark value.

For now, I'm not too concerned about drawing, color choice, brushwork, composition, etc... that will come later.

Here's my painting for today (6 x 6"): a warm and cool color (burnt sienna deep and ultramarine blue). It is a mix of the previous two studies I did.

I tried a new medium "Galkyd Lite" to mix with oil paint: it makes it more fluid and for some reason I thought it would slow down the drying time, but found out that it was just the opposite...

Here are the previous two paintings.

Here's the 2 x 2" pencil sketch.
Stay tuned. It should only get better, right?


BJ said...

It is so interesting to see each step. I wonder if you will like working in oils as much as you do in pastels.

Bob Barker said...

I am seriously renewing my interest in photography and have opted to start with learning more about how light and digital photography work together - I even took a class. The only opening was in "Flash photography" - very interesting! Anyway, I think my real interest, though is still in "natural light" and when I have learned how to use my new camera, I will enroll in another class. Your journey is most significant to me.

I was shooting pics at Winterlude yesterday and came up with a shot I like. I'll send it to you. Nice light.


Louise and David said...

I never thought about an artist having to practice in this way. These four still images show how you are experimenting with oil paints to create light and darkness. It seems that even the use of a thinning agent has an effect on the outcome of your work. Do you think you will continue to use the Galkyd Lite?

Johanne Morin said...

Louise & David, welcome to my blog!

It's very hard to resist the temptation of trying something new (a brush, a surface, a medium...) thinking that it will make me a better painter. I'm still looking... :-)

I'm gone a play more with the Galkyd Lite medium because it makes the paint more fluid and even (more) transparent when enough is added. I like transparent colors for my underpainting (color roughly blocked in). I'll post an example of an underpainting soon.

Since it is a fast drying medium it made it easier for me to put a new layer of paint without mixing it with the previous one. Maybe when I get a better control of how much paint and how much pressure to apply for each brushstroke I will not need the medium for that.

Johanne Morin said...

Bob, will we have the privilege to follow your journey with photography in a blog?

Bob Barker said...

I don't think so, Johanne. My creative juices are not flowing sufficiently to rate a blog of my own.

Johanne Morin said...

I'm still learning the pros and cons of each medium. Apparently, some techniques can be used for both. That's why there are many pastelists that are also oil painters. We'll see where it leads me...