Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oil study #47

I like the reflection on the surface in this one. I kept it simple and I had no trouble painting it. I applied the paint, I didn't play or correct it. I'm looking forward to when I will be able to do that for the whole painting...

I should have used cooler colors in the light of the back pot than the colors I used in the front pot. I think it would make the back pot recede more.

The strawberry reflection in the small pot is a bit dark but I noticed it only when I converted the picture into black and white. The reflection in the back is fine and the difference with the front one is subtle.


Bob Barker said...

If I may say so, "I think she's got it!" It really is nice. Where does the red reflection at the top inside of the front pot come from? I can imagine an "off-camera" object causing it - is that what I am supposed to do? I'm so glad you put in the partial pot at the back - it really adds a lovely element.

BJ said...


kbub said...

I like the reflection on the table (especially the reflection of the highlight in the small pot). I like the sharp diagonal shadow. I like the matching highlights on the bottom rims of the pots. And I like the simplicity of the strawberries.

I'm less enthusiastic about the color of the reflections in the pots. I think they stand out too much for me.

The matching yellows on the big pot and inside the small pot also distract me a little. It almost looks like there's a hole in the spout of the little pot and we're seeing the big pot through the hole. I think if the colors on the big pot had were slightly different it would fix the problem.

Overall one of my favorites so far!

Johanne Morin said...

Bob, the red reflection is an off camera object. I find that a painting is more interesting for the viewer is everything is not explained.

In January, I painted a pear with a blue reflection coming from an "off-camera" wall. I wasn't sure about the reflection. So I did the next one with the blue wall in it. The first one was definitely more interesting. I'll post the two pears soon.
Thanks for your comments.