Monday, February 23, 2009

Value exercise

Here's probably my first exercise for values with oil. This is a black and white value scale from 1 to 9. I should probably add a square for the white and make it 1 to 10. Anyway, this was done with chromatic black (there is a blueish tint to it) and titanium and zinc white. For a warm value scale, raw umber could be used instead of black.

What worked best for me to paint the scale was a divide and conquer method. I started with the lightest and the darkest values (#1 and #9). Then I made the middle one (#5). Then #2 and #4. And same thing for values between 5 and 9.

I did quite a few of these before I was satisfied with this one. I use it all the time. The black dots are punched holes that allow me to use the scale as a value reference for an object (or a scene). I look at the object through the holes while squinting (squinting is very important). When the color of the object disappears or blends with the value that's the value of the color.

I also use the value scale under my glass palette to compare it with the color I'm mixing.


ginnyntex said...

You have so much patience and persistence!

Johanne Morin said...

I'm working on it :)