Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oil study #39: Satin Fabric

Ouf! I had a hard time with this one. I tried to keep it simple but seemed to get deeper into trouble instead...

Maybe my structure of light and dark was not well established from the start... I'm not sure. The color transition has to be smoother. Not using the fast drying medium (Galkyd Lite) would probably help to blend the color together better (for a smoother transition).

I need a different approach for this one but don't know what it is yet. Maybe I'll dream about it tonight.

BTW: the actual painting looks a bit better than the picture :-)


BJ said...

I think it is really neat how you can critique your own works and find things that need changing. They all look pretty good to me, but I try to see what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Remember to follow simple steps to help solve oyur problems. Many artist forget that discriptive paintings also need a set rule of thumb to help create such fine pieces of Art. Refering to the 3 step rule of:
1. Transition of light, where is the value in compared to light vs dark.
2. What hues will work well with each other to create unity and overall respect of the piece.
3. How pure or, intense should those colours be. Having something incredibly strong of colour may make the painting less disriptive and more phony.
As for your media(paint) problem, try mixing Turpentine of luquin to your paint. both media solutions will help make the colours glide together smoother and with less force.