Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oil study #86: Favorites Cups

I painted today but it's was a no show and I wiped it :(

So here's an oil study I did in June. These are my favorite coffee cups that my mother-in-law gave me. There were a lot of things going on with the front cup: it's mostly white and translucent in places with the light angled that way. I'll have to give it another try sometime...

Oil study, 5" x 7"


BJ said...

Nice cups, Johanne.
It is fun seeing them again. I hope you keep painting them.

Jo Castillo said...

I'm a cup lover, too. Nice job on these. It will be interesting to see them with your new brush strokes. :)

ginnyntex said...

I know all about "wipers"! But it sure is liberating to just wipe something off when it doesn't work.

I love the blue cup, especially. The shadow is just right.

Virginia Floyd