Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oil study #139 - Plein air

I am excited to show you this one! Not bad for my 4th plein air in oil, eh? :)
I'm happy with my first attempt at painting water in oil; hopefully it will only get better ;) And I'm looking forward to painting better trees. There are a few things not right, but it shows some potential and I'm very happy with it.

Oil on canvas, 6 x 8"


BJ said...

I like all your plein air, but I love this latest one. Water is one of your best things in any medium. And trees are some of my favorite things. I hope you paint lots more of both.

Bob Barker said...

YOU really dohave "the touch" with water, Johanne. I agree with Betty Jo in all.

Jan Weaver said...

These are very good! I am impressed at their simplicity and how soothing they are. I see a big jump in technique with oils. Keep going! Jan

Johanne Morin said...

Thanks you'll! Stay tuned, more to come :)