Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pastel: spring time - trees and reflection

This is an early spring  version of the view I used for a previous painting. The (fresh) greens of the new leaves is quite a challenge for me...

There are some paintings that I don't seem to make the improvement I'm looking for when I redo them... and I'm not sure how to "interpret" that. This is one of them. Are my expectations too high (I doubt), maybe I'm not "mature" enough as a painter and not ready for those ones (still a lot to learn),... anyone has any input on that? Sometimes I even think that if I used my other hand (the right one, I'm a lefty when it comes to painting) the painting would still look very similar :) Okay, I can hear you now... I need to try it, don't I?

The bottom painting was my 1st attempt. My biggest mistake on this one is that I painted it over 3 days (painted on the 1st and 3rd day). This reminds me why I usually paint "alla prima"  (finish in one session): my mind is already somewhere else and I tend to question the decisions I made earlier about colors, values,...  and repaint more than needed (overwork). It often ends up with a muschy looking painting and in this case not much of the primed surface shows through :(

Pastel on primed mat board, 8 x 10" (2nd attempt)
Pastel on primed mat board, 8 x 10" (1st attempt)

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BJ said...

I like your first attempt better, but can't really say why.