Sunday, July 3, 2011

City Awakening, Oil with palette knife, 8 x 10"


This painting is loosely inspired by my last trip to Canada when I visited one of my sisters in her new condo. She has a nice view on the Ottawa river as well as some of the downtown buildings. She'd like me to do a painting for her new place. Something large (4' x 6'), abstract, neutral colors, with a lot of paint (palette knife effect). It doesn't sound like anything I've done so far, but I like the challenge...

While waiting for more instructions on the commission work and after spending a few weeks getting the house ready for sale (more on that in a future post) I was ready to play with some paint! It felt good!

City Awakening, Oil, 8 x 10"


BJ said...

Lucky France!If this is playing around the finished product should be spectacular. I love this painting of a city I love.

Johanne Morin said...

Thanks BJ. It's moving (slowly) towards what I think she would like... I'm gone keep playing :)