Monday, July 18, 2011

Destination Unknown, Oil with palette knife, 8 x 10"

I recently sold a bunch of picture frames. Some I used before and others always ended up back in the stack.

I often use coffee bean with a gold inset picture frames for my paintings. Not too long ago, I had also bought some coffee bean with a copper inset frames (picture below). Sounds good, right? Well, they didn't seem to fit any of my paintings. So I tried to sell them, but I still have 4 of them (I sold one).

In order to better fit the coffee bean with a copper inset picture frame (so I thought) I chose a more reddish color for this painting with a similar design as the previous painting. I lost some time struggling with the sky. It was fine and I should have left it alone. I was then limited in time to finish the painting and decided to skip the "buildings" in the background.

I like the overall warmth and peaceful feel to this painting.

Destination Unknown, Oil, 8 x 10"
Coffee Bean with a copper inlet picture frame

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