Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oil study #41: Oranges

Happy Valentine's day!

First time with oranges and they were real. Overall OK. I left the background transparent as opposed to the previous two studies where it was opaque. I had trouble to see the colors on the shadow side of the oranges but it turned out OK. The texture of the of the oranges made it hard to "simulate" the highlights. I like the light like in the previous two. But I like the previous two better.


kbub said...

There are some things I like about this one even more. The brushstrokes and color in the oranges suggest the texture, without having to try to paint the dimply texture directly. And the stems on the cherries are better in this one than the last two.

On the downside, the angle of the shadows on the left distract me. (I know it's because the white cloth had a rise in it on the left, but without texture/shadows in the cloth, we don't know that). And I think the red reflection on the left orange blurs the edge of the cherry a little too much.

But this one is really growing on me!

BJ said...

I really like this one. The cherries in it are even better than in the last one. And it is true what Kenneth said about the texture of the oranges. The apple is still my favorite, though.

Bob Barker said...

Yesterday, I set up an orange, tomato and apple on the kitchen table, primarily to see the catchlights and to see if I could actually capture them digitally. I could. Found it very interesting, especially when I added bounced flash to the ambient light. When I saw your oranges and cherries this morning, I thought it strange that you saw so much red and blue in the shadows. Then I examined the shadows more closely, with the help of Photoshop Elements, in yesterday's pictures and there is a lot more red and blue in my photographic shadows than I thought. I'll send you a couple of my pics from this study. I made no attempt at good composition.

Your cherries are good enough to eat.

Steve Ballmer said...

I'm impressed! -That's not easy to do.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

I like the colors and highlights you chose for this one, Johanne - very nicely done! It's really "cohesive" - the colors seem to pull it all together.