Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oil studies #7, 8 & 9

Here are my first colored oil studies I did in early January.

They were painted from Ann Templeton's "Abstract Landscape" video. The first study I tried to finish the painting whereas the 2nd and 3rd ones are only underpaintings. Ann Templeton uses a very transparent underpainting almost like a watercolor and lets part of it (mostly the darkest colors) show through the final painting. It makes very nice contrasts between transparent and opaque (the lighter colors) paint.

The 2nd study was another trial at the underpainting and it was a better start than the 1st one.

The 3rd one was an additional practice for my values (darkest dark: trees in the front and further back, middle dark: the mountain in the back and the lightest light: the ground and the sky.

This was a lot of fun to try!

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